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Join the Chatbotic affiliate program and earn 50% commissions every month for every customer you refer!


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What Chatbotic Is All About...

Chatbotic is not just another chatbot; it's your 24/7 sales and support warrior. It allows you to promote your affiliate offers 24x7 to your visitors, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to earn, even when you're asleep. Here’s how Chatbotic stands out:

  • Boost engagement with personalized, AI-driven Chatbotic responses.

  • Automate and streamline lead generation with Chatbotic.

  • Eliminate support costs with Chatbotic's automation.

  • Skyrocket sales with Chatbotic's intelligent responses.

  • Customize Chatbotic to match your unique Brand or Agency need.

  • Invest risk free with Chatbotic's 30 day Money Back Guarantee 

Chatbotic Demo

Proven Funnel that brings you recurring commissions

With 50% commissions across the funnel, Chatbotic offers an enticing opportunity for affiliates. From the Front End (FE) monthly subscriptions to one-time offers for the Pro and Reseller versions, affiliates can earn significant recurring income.

Chatbotic FE

$67 Monthly



  • Install on upto 50 websites

  • Unlimited chat sessions per chatbot

  • Unlimited conversations per session

  • Intelligent lead capture

  • 30 days chat histories for analytics

Chatbotic PRO




  • all features of Chatbotic FE

  • Facebook, Instagram messenger bots

  • Chat summaries that helps quickly to understand the long chat conversion

  • Zapier integration

Chatbotic Reseller




  • 70% commission for the every sale that you make.

See What Our Beta Testers Discovered...

Our beta testers have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of Chatbotic on their businesses, from significant increases in lead generation to 24/7 customer engagement without the overhead costs.

Chatbotic has completely transformed the way we interact with our clients. It's like having a 24/7 customer service representative that never sleeps. We've seen a significant increase in lead generation, and the ease of setup was unbelievable. Highly recommended!

Sandra Horley

Business Owner

We're a small team, and we were struggling to keep up with customer inquiries. But ever since we implemented Chatbotic, we've been able to focus on what we do best—providing excellent products—while Chatbotic handles the rest. Plus, the lead collection and management features have streamlined our sales process. Chatbotic is truly a godsend for small businesses!

Kneller Fernandes

Digital Agency Owner

Chatbotic vs Other Conventional Chatbots

Chatbotic makes Customer engagement affordable for everyone. We do not put unnecessary restrictions on what you can do.

Chatbotic vs oher chatbots

Meet The Team Behind Chatbotic

Chris Derenberger

Chris Derenberger

Entrepreneur, 7-Figure Affiliate Marketer

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Nagendran Ponnan

Nagendran Ponnan

Professional Software Product Creator

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9b Sis Meridian West block Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042 India

[email protected]

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